English Sweets


Golden Fry Yorkshire Pudding

Price shown is per 142g packet

So easy and you can't beat a good Yorkshire Pudding with your Roast Beef. 

Price: $4.00
Murray Mints

Price shown is per kg

'Murray Mints, Murray Mints, too good to hurry mints'

A delicious buttery mint.

Price: $40.00

Original Yorkie Bar
Price shown is per bar
Price: $3.35
Polo Mint Roll

Price shown is per roll

The mint with the hole, a favourite.

Price: $2.10

Quiggins Kendal Mint Cake

Price shown is per cake

The energy bar that hikers use.

Price: $4.35
Rowntree Fruit Gums
Price shown is per roll
Price: $2.80

Small Pear Drops

Price shown is per kg

A hard boiled pear flavoured sweet.

Price: $20.00
Walnut Whip
Price per pkt
   -    -
Price: $3.60

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