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4 Interesting Things You Didn't Know about Camel Balls

Posted by Justin P Thompson on

They may be offensive for some but Camel Balls are probably one of the quirkiest gum balls you'll ever see on the market. Check them out.


4 Interesting Things You Didn't Know about Camel Balls


Whether you're looking for novelty candies or something to make you and your friends laugh, then you should consider checking out Camel Balls. Yup, you heard that one right.


Although you should probably think twice about giving these unique-looking and sounding gum balls to children, they are actually a treat and can make for a fun eat, especially for older candy enthusiasts with a wicked sense of humour.


Grab Some Camel Balls


  1. What is it?

Before you start giggling like a 12-year-old, Camel Balls are basically gum balls that are shaped and look like a camel's you-know-what. The candy features a brown gum shell filled with extra sour liquid. As if that isn't enticing enough, its description reads "Grab a pair of these extra sour gumballs for a real kick in the pants!" It may sound disgusting or inappropriate for some, but the gum's looks and packaging aside, many people actually seem to like it.


  1. Who made it?

Camel Balls are amongst the hundreds of international sweets on the market today. They are made by the Spain-based confectionary company Fini and are distributed in different parts of the world. Fini is widely popular for manufacturing a wide range of candies, sweets, and treats that include bubble gums, liquorice, as well as hard and soft candies.


  1. What is it made of?

As with any other types of candies and confectionery, Camel Balls are primarily made of sugar. It also contains glucose syrup, gum base, flavourings, glazing agents, vegetable oil, and food colouring. They are gluten-free.


  1. What can you do with it?

Well, apart from enjoying them yourself, you can include them in goody bags when you're organising a party. A word of caution, though. Because of the controversial packaging of Camel Balls, it would be wise to keep them away from kids lest you offend their parents.


Some Quirky Stories about Camel Balls


With a packaging and presentation like that, Camel Balls have ruffled the feathers of some parents who were concerned about their children's wellbeing over the last couple of years.


In 2013, the candy has caused a controversy in the United Kingdom after a seven-year-old girl bought Camel Balls from a local store. The mother of the child has expressed outrage after seeing her daughter eating something so "explicit."


Three years later, also in the UK, a mum from Sunderland was mortified when her nine-year-old daughter brought home a packet of Camel Balls. She said she found the image of the camel's balls front and centre on the gum's packet quite offensive and inappropriate.


Paul Southam, a spokesman for Fini Sweets UK, defended the gum balls, saying that they weren't meant to be offensive. They are supposed to be funny and a "bit of a joke," he explained.


Well, if you don't have kids and you don't think that Camel Balls are offensive, then be sure to enjoy these quirky gum balls. Visit us at All Sweets and Treats and find not only Camel Balls, but a wide range of other tasty and novelty UK sweets.


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