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5 Fun Liquorice Facts Fans of Inch Liquorice Blocks Should Know About

Posted by Justin P Thompson on

Do you like Inch Liquorice Blocks? Here are some fun facts about liquorice you would definitely want to know.


5 Fun Liquorice Facts Fans of Inch Liquorice Blocks Should Know About


When it comes to liquorice, you either hate it or love it. There's actually no middle ground for this popular confectionary. But for those who love it, liquorice can be quite addicting and one can devour bags of Inch Liquorice Blocks without even noticing it.


If you're a fan of this all-time favourite candy, here are some interesting facts about liquorice you should know.


Liquorice Fun Facts


  1. It's from the roots

The distinctive flavour of the liquorice candy actually comes from the glycyrrhizic acid found in the roots of the liquorice plant. This acid is said to be 50 times sweeter than sugar.


As for the liquorice plant, it is a flowering plant that grows in places with warm climates, such as Australia and parts of Asia, and in the form of a shrub.


  1. It has medicinal properties

Like many herbs and roots, the liquorice plant (not the candy, obviously) have been used by ancient cultures around the world for a variety of medicinal purposes. For instance, in Ancient Egypt, it was used in the preparation of healing tonic.


The early Chinese, meanwhile, used liquorice to manage cancer. Today, liquorice is being used to treat respiratory tract disorders, mouth and gastric ulcers, indigestion, and neurodegenerative disorders. Some medical studies even showed that it can help treat certain types of cancer and is good for the adrenal glands.


  1. It is one of the oldest candies in existence

People have been enjoying liquorice for hundreds of years. It is one of the oldest candies to be manufactured ever. In fact, the modern form of liquorice that we enjoy today can trace its roots back to a candy made in the Netherlands in the 1600s.


Do you know of any UK sweets that are as old as liquorice?


  1. It is a favourite of certain historical figures

Being around for so long, it isn't surprising that liquorice has made its mark on some of history's well-known figures. It was said that Napoleon Bonaparte loved the candy so much that his teeth were often darkly discoloured.


Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were also a fan and there was written evidence that both ancient leaders endorsed liquorice as good for one's health.


  1. There's a day of celebration for all things liquorice in the US

It might be funny for some, but did you know that Americans love liquorice so much that they created a national day for it?


Every 12th of April, liquorice lovers across the United States gather together to celebrate National Liquorice Day, enjoying games and other activities, and of course, tasting liquorice products ranging from candies to teas. Perhaps Australia should have a National Liquorice Day, too, seeing that there are dozens of Australians who love this sweet treat.


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