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Interesting Facts and Info about Yorkie Chocolate Bars

Posted by Justin P Thompson on

If you're looking for a chunkier alternative to Cadbury's Dairy Milk, you might want to give Yorkie chocolate bars a shot. It was first introduced in 1976 by Eric Nicoli of Rowntree, the company that originally owned the chocolate bar until it was acquired by Nestle. It was named as such because of Yorkshire, England, the place where Yorkie was made until 1994.


The Chocolate Bar that "Isn't for Girls"

While it may taste good, Yorkie drew flak from consumers in the early 2000s for being the only openly "sexist" chocolate bar. The truth is this chocolate bar has been marketed towards male consumers ever since its inception. In fact, in the 1980s, Yorkie chocolate bars were sold in the United Kingdom with toy trucks. Advertisements for them also featured truck drivers.

In 2001, Nestle stepped its marketing game to drive this point home by creating the tag line "It's not for girls." As you can imagine, this caused a controversy. To appease indignant consumers, Nestle created a special edition of Yorkie in 2006. Wrapped in pink packaging, Yorkie bars for girls started hitting the market.

Apart from the chocolate bars for girls, there is also a special version of Yorkie introduced by Nestle. This special version was used in the UK's Ministry of Defence ration packs. Its tag line read "It's not for civvies."

In 2011, Nestle dropped the "Not for Girls" slogan. They also started selling the standard Yorkie chocolate bar in a pack of three. This is surely a great thing because if you are still craving chocolate after eating Choo Choo Bars, there are still more Yorkie bars waiting for you.

Apart from its original milk chocolate bar flavour, Yorkie is sold in different variants. These include raisin and biscuit flavour, honeycomb flavour, Yorkie Ice Cream, and the Yorkie Hot Stuff Hot Rum flavour, which is usually available around Christmas time.


Size Getting Smaller?

If you have been a fan Yorkie since the 1980s, you might have noticed that the chocolate bars seem to have changed in size. Don't worry, it's not just you. Yorkie bars have indeed undergone certain transformations throughout the years. They were originally composed of six chunks of chocolate wrapped in foil and an outer paper wrapper. Back then, a single bar of Yorkie weighed 58 grams.

Then in 2002, Yorkie bars got heavier, with each bar weighing 70 grams. However, this had been reduced to 64.5 grams by 2010, and was further reduced to 61 grams in 2011. Later that year, Nestle further reduced Yorkie's size to 55 grams. Come November 2014, Yorkie was shrunk again to 46 grams. To further minimise costs, the number of chocolate chunks has been reduced from six to five with "Yorkie" moulded into each chunk.

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