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Are you ready for a gob smacking, spine tingling, mouth watering adventure. Welcome to the wonderful world of All Sweets and Treats. The original and the best lolly shop in Victor Harbor. For over 25 years this Victor Harbor icon has brought a smile to peoples faces as they re-live their childhoods. Finding those sweets they haven’t had for years or discovering new ones. Grandparents coaxing kids to try things from their childhood but kids in-variably want something else, probably sour that their grandparents can’t stand but they cater for that too. 


There are English mega sours, that can make your eyeballs roll back in your head before you can convince anyone that it really isn’t that bad, people love to buy these to drop into the lolly jar at work or as pay back for that practical joker that we all know.


There are gobstoppers the size of cricket balls that can keep children in the back seat quiet for hours, or smaller ones for those shorter trips. 



Lolly’s from all over the world allowing you to taste what things are like on the rest of the planet without needing a passport. Things like Fry’s chocolates, walnut whips, Barrat’s sherbet and Basset’s liquorice allsorts from England. Hershey’s cookies and creams, Reeses peanut butter cups and Jelly Belly’s from the USA. Salty Dutch licorice and German marzipan just to name a few. Wonka’s nerds, runts and gobstoppers as well.


Of course there are your Aussie favourites old and new starting with choo-choo bars, umbrella lollipops, red frogs, green frogs, snakes alive and racing cars, Also giant jaffa’s and smarties and the biggest freckle you will ever see..


There is also a large range of sugar free lolly’s and cake decorating supplies too.


If you want to stroll down memory lane or if you just have a sweet tooth there is something for everyone to enjoy so come and have a look around, Wander down Ocean Street until you see the clown and then it’s into wonderland.


All Sweets and Treats won a National Confectionary award in 2010 and was a finalist again in the retail category in 2012 and 2014 so for award winning service and range come to the coast.


If you cant make the trek to Victor Harbor then you can find us online at and we will send your order straight to you.

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